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Hallelujah PicassosRewind the Hateman

Well overdue 2011 released cd compilation from popular 1990s Auckland band.Their 2 full length albums Hateman In Love(1992) & Drinking With Judas(1993) have been out of print for some time.

Hallelujah Picassos started life in 1988 as garage punk band The Rattlesnakes. Their sound evolved into a mix of reggae, rap, ska, thrash, jazz, punk & pop and they were a popular live act.

"The Picassos mix and match musical styles to keep themselves, as much as their audience, interested. A reggae bassline appears in a thrash number, which breaks to a pop jazz ditty before thrashing back into something with a hardcore bassline which is finished off with a reggae outro." (Rip It Up, May 1992)
A review of their tape only release "Taxi Driver" stated, "Sounding at odd times like a flying nun on drugs, a New Zealand punk rock garage band, or a psychotic turnbuckle gone AWOL, they can be jangly, grungy, or snot-nosed . . . very alternative pop."

Detailed 14 page insert booklet has photos ,essays etc

1. Lovers +
2. Black Spade Picasso Core
3. Crack Dub
4. Snakeman's Cry
5. Bastardiser
6. Sister Stacy
7. Hello Pablo
8. Shivers
9. God Gave Us Boom Boom Washington
10. Hateman
11. Rewind
12. Drinking With Judas
13. U+I
14. Glue
15. I Want You To Be My Million/Happy Go Lucky Girl
16. Smokin' And Fumin'
17. Yardy
18. Seven Stripes Of The Maumau

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