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Finn ,LiamFomo

Second solo release from Liam Finn (June 2011)

Some may say three years is a long time to take between debut and sophomore albums. But when Rolling Stone says your first album is a ''gorgeous folk rock solo album,'' and when the LA Times says that you never ''veer too far from a killer melody or winsome harmony,'' or when MAGNET says your first album is, ''a simmering, almost McCartney-esque debut...'' you want to make sure you get it right. Such is the case with Liam Finn's FOMO. Admitted studio rat and production obsessive Finn laboured over every note, effect and knob tweak on FOMO, and it was certainly worth the wait. Just as on his auspicious debut I'll Be Lightning, he delivers an amalgam of dense sonic flourishes and hummable melodies, a dichotomy that has quickly become his hallmark. A tightly coiled 36 minutes of dreamy pop (''Neurotic World''), visceral, thumping experimental funk (''The Struggle''), near perfect studies of early 60s pop classicism (''Cold Feet'') and combinations of all three, FOMO is as strong of a second album you are likely to hear this year, or any year.

Disc 1

1. Neurotic World
2. Donít Even know Your Name
3. Roll Of The Eye
4. Cold Feet
5. Real Late
6. The Struggle
7. Little Words
8. Reckless
9. Chase The Seasons
10. Jump Your Bones

Disc 2

1. Life Isnít Stationary
2. Cold Feet (live)
3. Roll Of The Eye (live)
4. The Struggle (live)
5. Better To Be (live)

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