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Skank AttackHere on Out

2012 release of lost 1988 recordings!

Skank Attack, the Wellington three piece notorious for their high energy sound and socially aware songs, recently unearthed the multitrack tapes from their last recording session and have worked with respected New Zealand music producer Nick Roughan to mix the best songs for release.Roughan, whose long and impressive CV includes playing and producing with Skeptics, Dimmer and The Adults, recorded the original Skank Attack sessions (with engineering help from Brent McLachlan of Bailter Space) at Wellington’s now legendary Writhe Recording, way back in 1988.
Realising the dark but melodic sound they created back then would appeal to both their former contemporaries and a new audience, former Skank Attack members Phil Simpson, Jeff Eden and Steve Cochrane set about digitising the material so it can finally be unleashed.

1. Down Around Our Ears
2. Pop Song
3. Decline
4.Third Law
5. Limbs Akimbo
6. Animation
7. Here On Out
8. Somewhere East (live)

‘Down Around Our Ears’ the single

‘Here on Out’ the single

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