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Spelling MistakesWe Still Hate The Spelling Mistakes

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Very limited cd given away at the Spelling Mistakes reunion gig in New Zealand in 1999. It was compiled and pressed up by The Spelling Mistakes, one of New Zealand's earliest punk bands. The CD includes tracks from the bands 1980 singles along with live tracks.

Along with Proud Scum, The Suburban Reptiles, Terrorways, The Primmers, The Scavengers, The Features, The Swingers, The Marching Girls and Chris Knox and Alex Bathgate from Tall Dwarfs' band Toy Love, The Spelling Mistakes were amongst New Zealand's early wave of punk rock.

1. Stingy
2. Hate Me Hate Me
3. No Contact
4. I Want You
5. Feel So Good
6. I Hate The Spelling Mistakes
7. Hate Me Hate Me
8. Reena

Live at Mainstreet
9. No Contact
10. Germany
11. X Teenager
12. Moscow
13. I Want You
14. Ergophobia

Live XS Cafe-
15. Antisocial
16. X Teenager
17. Nothing To Say
18. Stingy
19. All I Know How To Be
20. Shellshock Victim
21. Rena's Pissflaps

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