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Anika, Boh & HolliePeace Of Mind

Released Feb 2013  'Peace Of Mind' is the debut album from iconic NZ artists Anika Moa, Boh Runga & Hollie Smith.

One of the three friends suggested it over a bottle of wine one day, pondering what might come of it. The conversation kept rolling until, around Boh’s kitchen table, it turned into song – inevitable really, because Anika, Boh & Hollie are all songbirds at heart.What does it sound like? Well it’s exactly what you’d hope and then some – beautifully crafted melodies, big, soaring vocals, glorious harmonies – and, according to Anika, “it is magic and unique and it’s something we’re all just really proud to put our names to”.

Boh took the lead on first single “Be Mine” and Hollie is to the fore on second single “Slipping Away” but all three voices feature strongly, the harmonies are seamless and natural.

1. Sea Of Dreams
2. Walk Away
3. Honest Mistake
4. Why Don't We
5. Come Hell Or High Water
6. Lost
7. Beside You
8. Don't Really Care
9. Over And Over
10. After All
11. Like I Love You
12.Peace Of Mind
13. Part Of Me (Live)
14. Mother (Live)
15. Bathe In The River (Live)

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