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Marsh ,DennisOut of Mexico & Out of Nashville

Two albums on one cd -  1994 album ‘Out Of Mexico’ & his 1996 album ‘Out of Nashville’

Dennis Marsh,Out of Mexico

1. Spanish Night Is Over
2. Yo te Amor Maria
3. Did I Tell You (That I Love You)
4. I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You
5. Portofino
6. Gulf Of Mexico
7. Bailando
8. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
9. No More
10.Blue Spanish Eyes

Dennis Marsh,Out of Nashville

1. I Need You To Hold Me Together
2. No More Broken Hearts
3. No Stones To Throw
4. Love Don’t Come Easy
5. If This Is Love
6. One Heart
7. Take Me As I Am
8. I Guess Your Memory Serves Me Right
9. The Door Is Still Open To My Heart
10. The Hard Times (Make The Good Times Even Better)
11. Your Stars Still Shining Bright

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