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WavesWaves & Misfit

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Lavish double cd release with detailed 18 page booklet.

Auckland based group Waves formed in 1974 & quickly built up an avid following for their soft rock and four part harmonies.Their 1975 self titled debut was one of the best selling local albums of the mid seventies. It reached number 7 on the National Album Charts, yet they still remained virtually unknown outside of their local area.
The Waves album - originally recorded at Stebbing Studios July 7-11, 1975 is issued for the first time on cd April 2013.
There is no doubt Waves is a classic New Zealand album, long overdue for cd release and sought after worldwide.
Also included is Misfit - the unreleased follow-up album, which was originally recorded at Mandrill Studios in 1976. Misfit was not fully completed and had no final mix. What exists on the CD are the songs in their roughly mixed forms, transferred decades ago to digital audio tape and retrieved by Steve McGough at Stebbing in 2013. Included with Misfit is the elusive track ‘Vegas’, which was recorded at Mascot Studios in 1977.

Personnel: Graeme Gash, David Marshall, Kevin Wildman, Michael Matthew, Michael Mason, Rex Carter

Disc 1 - Waves-
1 Clockhouse Shuffle
2 Wornout Rocker
3 Thoughts from Venus
4 Waterlady Song
5 Letters
6 The Dolphin Song
7 Arrow
8 Ocean / Neon Song
9 Elouise
10 At the Beach
11 Waitress
12 Castle Gates

Disc 2 - Misfit
13 Misfit
14 The Way They Smile
15 Life Wrecks
16 Mrs X
17 Vegas
18 Head Full of Stars
19 Cold Palisade
20 Schooners
21 Jacob and El Tornado

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