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Mi-Sex3cd -Graffiti Crimes,Space Race,Shanghaied

Out of print used item in excellent condition (not shrinkwrapped)

3 cd set featuring 3 classic albums from New Zealand New Wavers.

Each cd album is housed in card sleeve which fits inside pictured outer sleeve

New Zealand New Wave/Rockers Mi-Sex moved to Australia in 1978 and quickly found success.
Their Computer Games single charted at #2 in Canada and they played support slots for Iggy Pop and the Ramones in the US.With album sales falling they called it a day at the end of 1984.

Graffiti Crimes (1979) -
1.Graffiti Crimes
2.Wot Do You Want?
3.But You Donít Care
4.Not Such A Bad Boy
6.Computer Games
8.I Wanna Be With You
9.Camera Kazi
10.A Loser
11.Inside You

Space Race (1980)-
1.Space Race
2.Pages And Matches
3.Slippiní Out
4.Good Guys Always Win (Satire)
5.Burning Up
6.I Donít Know
9.Ice Cold Dead
10.Living In September
11.It Only Hurts When Iím Laughing

Shanghaied (1981) -
1.The Jungle
2.Be Quiet
5.Talking To Myself
6.Missing Person
7.Tears In The Wine
8.Caught In The Act
10.Falling In And Out
11.Young Maniacs

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