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Granville ,NickRefractions

Refractions is the first outing for Wellington based guitarist Nick Granville, here joined by the Auckland dream team of Roger, Oli and Ron.
All of the tunes for this album were the result of Nick’s study of (and respect for) the music of American jazz luminary, guitarist John Scofield – one of the most distinctive voices in jazz for more than 30 years. While the Scofield influence is evident throughout, the dominant voice on Refractions is unmistakably that of Nick and his exceptional sidemen.
But this album is far more than a mere homage. Nick pursues his personal artistic vision with a single minded rigour that nods to the past, enriches the present, and produces a new combination of elements that look to the future.
"Jazz musicians walk a fine line between the past and the future. Behind them lie the myriad innovations of the collective development of jazz, dating from the early days of the 20th century. Ahead stretch the limitless possibilities afforded by creativity, improvisation and interaction. A jazz musician’s job, while living in the present, is to negotiate the two; to keep their feet grounded in tradition while letting their head and heart stretch to the clouds – creating something new while building on the music that has gone before. On Refractions, Nick Granville negotiates that path with great skill and aplomb." – Nick Tipping

1. Blues Suite
2. Shuffleupagus
3. Pinched Nerve
4. Blues for Les
5. Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs
6. Refractions
7. Ornette-ology
8. Gloves Off
9. New Orleans on a Long Lead
10. Muddy Side Up

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