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Various ArtistsKiwiana goes Pop vol 2

Another unique collection of classic kiwiana from yesterday and today!

‘KIWIANA Goes Pop Volume 2’ includes two songs recorded for the 2011 Rugby World Cup - The Miramar Chess Club’s ‘I’ll Never Be An All Black’ featuring Rugby commentators past and present & Heimlich Manouevres In the Park who caused a sensation during the RWC with their ‘24 Years’ track which makes its CD debut on this collection.
 Tim Finn chips in with his ‘Runs In the Family’ which was recorded to celebrate NZ Cricket’s 100th Anniversary.
Iconic advertisements that became hits include The Warratah’s ’InterIslander’, John Grenell’s ‘Welcome To Our World’, Al Hunter’s ‘There’s A Blue Sky Waiting For Me’ and Wayne Mason’s version of ‘Nature’ as featured on the butter ads.
 Also included are Billy T. James’ ad for Auckland’s MOTAT museum, Fiona McDonald singing the perfect pop jingle for Columbine Hosiery while Annie Crummer and Bunny Walters turn in some of their most soulful vocals ever for Soda Stream and Uncles burgers respectively.

12 page insert features period photos/record sleeves and track details.

1. Fred Dagg – The National Anthem
2. Tom Sharplin & Ray Woolf – Ten Guitars
3. Al Hunter – There’s A Blue Sky Waiting for Me
4. John Grenell – Welcome to Our World
5. The Warratahs – Sailing to the Other Side (The InterIslander)
6. Wayne Mason – Nature
7. The Pavs feat. Jordan Luck – The Pavlova Song
8. KFC – Hugo Said You Go
9. Heimlich Manouevres in the Park – 24 Years (Who the **** Is Webb Ellis)
10. Miramar Chess Club – I’ll Never Be An All Black
11. Shona Laing – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine
12. Linn Lorkin – Family at the Beach
13. When the Cat’s Been Spayed – Down the Hall on a Saturday Night
14. The Coalrangers – West Coast Bound
15. Phil Garland – Proud to be a Kiwi
16. Justin Brown’s Myth New Zealand – A Great Place to Bring Up the Kids
17. Fred Dagg & John Hore – She Taught Me How to Yodel
18. Inia Te Wiata – Across the Sea (Pokarerkare Ana)
19. The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band – Canterbury Long Johns
20. Bend feat. John Clarke – The Hide & Seeky Bird
21. Bend feat. The Topp Twins – The Eccentric Instrumentalist
22. Tim Finn & the Record Partnership – Runs in the Family
23. Alby W and The Extended Players – C’mon Paddles
24. Chris Thompson – This is the Moment
25. Ray Woolf & the World Cup Soccer Squad – Heading to the Top
26. Annie Crummer – Soda Stream Ad
27. Billy T James – MOTAT Park Ad
28. Bunny Walters – Uncles Burgers Ad
29. Fiona McDonald – Columbine Ad
30. New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra feat. Annie Crummer, Peter Morgan & Dalvanius – God Defend New Zealand

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