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Fourmyula ,theInside the Hutt 1968-1969

Formed in Upper Hutt in the mid-sixties, The Fourmyula earned the title ‘New Zealand’s Beatles’ for being the first local band to insist on recording their own material, resulting in a spectacular run of hits. Radio played them constantly: ‘Come With Me’, ‘Alice Is There’, ‘I Know Why’, ‘Home’, and of course, ‘Nature’ – the song that won its author Wayne Mason the coveted APRA Silver Scroll Award, became a hit all over again in the 90s for The Mutton Birds, was voted Best New Zealand Song of the past 75 years and became the title song of the Nature’s Best series.

Inside The Hutt: New  Zealand’s Pop-Psych Kingpins 1968-1969 compiles the best from this legendary band, an outfit that were in the top ten from moments after they formed.

Recordings are newly remastered for this 2013 release.10 page booklet has photos and band history.

1. Come with Me 2:58
2. Honey Chile 2:40
3. Tell Me No Lies 1:57
4. Alice Is There 2:43
5. I Dig Your Act 2:23
6. I Know Why 4:04
7. I Can Show You 2:42
8. Forever 2:50
9. Mr. Whippy 2:23
10. Start by Giving to Me 3:32
11. If I Had the Time 3:36
12. Home 3:06
13. Orphan 2:53
14. Lady Scorpio 2:27
15. Nature 2:53
16. Bang On Harry 2:26
17. My Mama George 3:03
18. Fortune 2:37
19. Cosy Picture Theatre 2:43
20. Sally's Line 3:10
21. Fun 3:03

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