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Team DynamiteShepherds Delight

Feb 2014 CD release includes a bonus track that was not released on the initial digital run. 
The album features guest rappers Lui Silk (Homebrew) @Peace, tonga vaea and Che Fu. 

The two lead lyricists of the group, Tony Tee's and Lucky Lance have a chemistry that sounds like the day Mario met Luigi. Their partnership reminds you a bit of A Tribe Called Quest or Outkast but with a a distinct New Zealand style that's easy to relate to.

1. Shepherds Delight
2. Love Is The Key
3. Very On
4. May 11th
5. Regardless
6. El Camino
7. Full Moon (Shepherds Warning)
8. Coconut Lime
9. Love Does Strange Things
10. Big Richard
11. Do It Slow

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