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McArtney ,DaveNomad's Land

Dave McArtney was a New Zealand musician and songwriter best known as his work as a founding member of Hello Sailor and also his solo career with Dave McArtney & the Pink Flamingos.

Dave was a music director and composed music for film and television productions, including Incredible Mountains, Queen City Rocker and Raglan by the Sea. He worked as a tutor at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ) from 2003 until his death.

The songs on Nomad's Land were not intended for release commercially, but Davidís partner, along with his colleagues who helped with the recordings at MAINZ put together the package to leave a memoir of his final work. The booklet includes Davidís lyrics and notes.

The first 9 songs were written for Davidís masters degree in music, completed in 2012. The final two songs were taken from live recordings for TV.

A Wind Unknown
Memento Mori
The Old Bougainvillea
Still Point of You
On A Postcard
Renaissance Poetry
The Leather Tounge Motel
Papa Married A Mormon
Snapshot Of Atlantic Boulevard
This Bird Has Flown
Looking For The Goddess

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