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Samsom ,RonAce Tone

A regular sideman on numerous Rattle Jazz releases, Ron Samsom's first album as band leader is an affectionate, no-holds-barred, pumping homage to 70s jazz funk.
Ace Tone (2015) bristles with energy and attitude, evident not only in the forward-leaning thrust of the performances and depth of generic understanding, rigour, and at times wit of the compositions, but also the gritty, full-frontal muscularity of the recording. On every level, this album kicks! There is confidence to burn from every one of the talented collaborators on Ace Tone, confidence that stems from years of application and understanding, but more importantly a deeply intuitive, visceral connection with the propulsive heart of hard-grooving jazz. But what makes this music truly infectious and wholly authentic is the passion and warmth at it's core, the sheer joy of groove, and grit, and pump!

1. Ben Harper
2. Don't Me
3. Neutrino
4. Other Brother
5. Ace Tone
6. Flat Cat
7. Portmento
8. Dog Pizzle
9. Scrub the Pans
10. Ginger Beaver
11. Mr Fluffy Bunny
12. Simple Facts

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