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One WakaA Dub Sea Voyage

Influenced by the environment around them, One Waka take from nature on a different level than most. One Waka Sample sounds from running rivers, native birds & Taonga Puoro, in order to create a true New Zealand dub sound.
As a 7-piece band, every member brings their own musical influences to the table. From folk, funk, electronica and reggae, mixed in with the dub sound, One Waka produces an atmospheric edge that'll give you that chilly spine.
Still keeping to a grassroots approach, One Waka bring you ĎDub Sea Voyagesí. An album which tells a story of musical & self-discovery, piecing together the bandís experiences and the people they meet along the way.
Itís a culmination of several years of road-testing throughout the small corners & scenic gems of New Zealandís South Island.

3.Living Like Kings
6.Days In Lieu
7.Hida Gawa
8.Some Think Itís Heavy
9.Te Tapuae o Uenuku
11.Te Ika A Whiro

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