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Various ArtistsTop of the Dial

Another top Frenzy issue - released December 2016 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of New Zealand pirate radio station Radio Hauraki - complete with hit records, dee jay patter and lots of jingles.

Radio Hauraki was originally formed in 1966 as a pirate station in the Hauraki Gulf to break the monopoly held by the state-owned New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation.
-the only offshore radio station ever to broadcast in the southern hemisphere, in a famous and historic story that saw the loss of one life.

The cd booklet is a 16 page ephemera laden chronological time line in a fold out poster.

23 of the sixties biggest International and New Zealand hits with Good Guy patter and jingles between the songs, making this a very unique collection.

1. Bob Leahy 1480 Test Transmission
2. Tommy Adderley Top Of The Dial
3. THE LOVIN SPOONFUL - Summer in the City
4. Frank Ifield Radio What !!!
5. THE LA DE DAS Hey Baby
6. Tommy Adderley You're alright here on Hauraki
7. SANDY EDMONDS - When you walk in the room
8. Peter Telling Outro
9. Ray Woolf & The Avengers Peter T On Hauraki
10. AMEN CORNER - (If Paradise is) Half as Nice
11. The Chicks - You're Travelling First Class
12. Peter Telling The Time Tunnel
13. THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR - I Fought the Law
14. Peter Telling Oraltone Breath Freshener
15. Ray Woolf & The Avengers Sing Peter T
16. RAY WOOLF & the AVENGERS - It's the Same Old Song
17. Tommy Adderley - Home of the Good Guys
18. SMALL FACES - Itchycoo Park
19. You're In the Middle Of A Twin Spin
20. SMALL FACES - Tin Soldier
21. Barry Knight Thank You Peter T
22. Tommy Adderley Drive Slow & Let Them Grow
23. LARRY'S REBELS Mo'reen
24. Barry Knight Have We Got A Jingle?
25. THE LEMON PIPERS - Green Tambourine
26. Barry Knight I've turned Myself Off
27. THE CHALLENGE - Honey Do
28. Tommy Adderley The Happening Station
29. Barry Knight My Favourite Group
30. THE 5th DIMENSION - Sweet Blindness
31. Barry Knight- Nothing Works
32. LARRY MORRIS - The Game
33. Barry Knight Nothing Surprises Me
34. TOMMY ADDERLEY - Magic Carpet Ride
35. The Chicks Surf Fun Is Safe
36. The Harnilton County Bluegrass Band Hip Hi Panty hose
37. Barry Knight My Mother Goes Mad At Me
38. The 1480 Team Picks This To Go Go Go
39. THE BOX TOPS - Soul Deep
40. lan Magan Let's Put A Record On
41. THE TROUBLED MIND - I'm Good For You
42. Tommy Adderley It's The Most Talked About
43. Allison Durbin Let's Take A Stroll With Allison Durbin
45. Ian Magan Two Minutes till Rick Grant
46. REPARATA & THE DELRONS - Captain of Your Ship
47. lan Magan Guinness Half And Half
48. Rick Grant Tune To Good Guy Radio
49. ALLISON DURBIN - I Have Loved Me a Man ( Version 1)
50. Rick Grant Tea Party
51. GENE PIERSON - Reach Out
52. Rick Grant The Fastest Thing In The Air
53. BRENTON WOOD - Gimme Little Sign
54. Rick Grant Value At McKenzies
55. Tommy Adderley Get With Us
56. Rick Grant Intro
57. HAYDEN WOOD - Sixty Years On
58. Radio Hauraki Slow ID
59. THE REBELS - My Son John
60. Derek King & Paul Lineham Mayday Mayday Mayday

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