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“This is utterly beguiling, intelligently nuanced, repeat-play art-music of the kind that gives post-rock a very good name. An impressive achievement on all fronts. Essential.
Verdict: Aural sculpture on an impressive yet sensitive scale.” 5/5 – TimeOut

'Sines is an immense, elemental record, full of ominous percussion, crackling bass, and billowing guitar lines that conjure images of gathering storms and rough seas. The sound Jakob creates is dense and textured, and new listeners may be surprised to discover that the band is a simple guitar/bass/drums trio, albeit one that uses a lot of effects pedals. Additional instruments are employed sparingly but to great effect: the piano notes on “Darkness” sound like they’re suspended in mid air, while the strings on the cacophonous “Harmonia” may break your heart.' - Rolling Stone

1. Blind Them With Science
2. Emergent
3. Magna Carta
4. Harmonia
5. Resolve
6. Darkness
7. Sines

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