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Columbus ,RayNow you Shake

At last, a Ray Columbus release that covers his entire 60s recordings. For the first time you can hear 29 tracks that combine Rayís Invaders period with the best of his San Francisco and New Zealand solo recordings from the Sixties.
This is the definitive album of this legendary figure. Twenty two of the tracks are written or co written by Ray.

From 1963 until late 1965 Ray Columbus & The Invaders reigned supreme in New Zealand and Australia with their unique brand of Pop and RíníB. They toured with some of the biggest names from the period. Roy Orbison thought that they were the loudest group that he had ever heard, The Rolling Stones would watch them from the stage door, Del Shannon wanted them as his permanent band, and The Yardbirds were desperate to get their hands on one of their songs. By mid-1966, a solo Ray arrived in the USA to the headline Ď AMERICA DISCOVERS COLUMBUSí, where he became part of the happening scene in San Francisco.

Ray Columbus & the Invaders
1. She's A Mod
2. Yo Yo
3. Now You Shake
4. On My Mind
5. I Wanna Be Your Man
6. C'mon and Swim
7. I'm Finding Out
8. Orbie Lee
9. I Feel Bad
10. She's Back Again
11. Till we Kissed

Ray Columbus
12. We Want A Beat
13. There's No Room In the Crowd
14. (What I've Got) For Loving You Baby
15. That's What Happened to Me
16. She's A Mod 66

Ray Columbus and the Art Collection
17. Kick Me
18. Snap Crackle Pop

Ray Columbus
19. Polka Dot Resistance
20. East Pinkerton Street

Ray Columbus with Fire
21. I'm Good For You

Ray Columbus
22. In Memory of Today
23. Happy In A Sad Kind of Way
24. Los Angeles
25. Hold Me
26. Traveling Singing Man

The Challenge with Ray Columbus
27. The Crunch

Ray Columbus
28. East Pinkerton Street (NZ Version)

Ray Columbus & the Art Collection
29. Kick Me (Take 2)

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