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Morris ,Larry13

The Larry Morris Band have been a part of New Zealand's live music scene for 25 years. Last year (2016) they invited their fans to pick their favourite songs from their extensive set list. Their new album '13' is the result and features the band's interpretations of 13 local and international classic rock songs...all played as only the Larry Morris Band can play them.

Whiskey In the Jar (Traditional)
Carnival (N. Merchant)
Maxine (Sharon O'Neill)
White Wedding (B. Idol)
Tip of My Tongue (Diesel/Tate)
Baker Street (G. Rafferty)
The High Sierra (Harley L. Allen)
Guitar Man (J. Reed)
Art For Arts Sake (E. Stewart / G. Gouldman)
Itchycoo Park (S. Marriott / R. Lane)
Slipping Away (Max Merritt)
The Fire Down Below (B. Seger)
Whiskey In the Jar (reprise)

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