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New Zealand's legendary Sludge Metal band Beastwars are returning (July 2019) to the world with a new lease on life, literally.
Vocalist Matt Hyde underwent over 6 months of treatment for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2016, he is now in remission. Their new album IV was shaped by Hyde’s confrontation with mortality and contains heavy and heartfelt themes of anger, regret - but also hope. That experience - the loneliness and isolation of the long treatment time - gave Hyde plenty to consider. Life, friendships and relationships in his 40's, his then-10-year-old daughter and his band and experiences. What resulted was a record that leaves nothing unsaid. A howling, raw and powerful voice.
Hyde says, "I was lucky that I had music to express what had happened to me - a lot of people don't have that. I was very lucky that we could make a record. I took the time to process it and turned it into something else."

Beastwars has triumphantly come through their darkest hour to produce the heaviest, most haunting and most ambitious album yet.

1. Raise The Sword
2. Wolves And Prey
3. Storms Of Mars
4. This Mortal Decay
5. Omens
6. Sound Of The Grave
7. The Traveller
8. Like Dried Blood

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