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Straitjacket FitsMelt

September 2019 reissue of long out of print Straitjacket Fits album

Melt is an album full of rock majesty. Carter’s ‘Bad Note for a Heart”, “Headwind”, “A.P.S”, “Roller Ride” and “Cast Stone” are all abstractly chiseled boulders of guitar rock greatness and amongst Straitjacket Fits finest work. Andrew Brough’s gem like contributions, “Down in Splendour” and “Hand in Mine”, offer another perspective on another scale. These polished pieces of translucent sparkle are complete in themselves as high pop art and as needed balance and contrast to the monumental crush of Carter's work.
Melt is the work of a band at its collective creative height.

1. Bad Note for a Heart
2. Missing Presumed Drowned
3. Melt Against Yourself
4. Headwind
5. Down in Splendour
6. A.P.S.
7. Quiet Come
8. Such a Daze
9. Skin to Wear
10. Hand in Mine
11. Roller Ride
12. Cast Stone

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