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Wood ,HaydenSixty Years On

Another quality Frenzy issue (October 2019) ,includes full colour 8 page insert.

Hayden Wood Sixty Years On - featuring the best of his NEMS, Spin, Parlophone, Jam & Cherokee Recordings 1966 - 1978

Late 1965: With no experience as a singer, Wellingtonian Anthony Paul Jones sets off overseas. First port of call is Bondi Beach ,Australia.

January 1966: As a dare Tony enters a talent quest in Bondi and wins, which in turn leads to a record contract with Nat Kipner at Spin Records.
Feb 1966: Tony takes on the stage name of Tony Summers and releases his debut single, ‘I’m On The Right Side’.
Late February 1966: Tony is added to the bill for The Rolling Stones tour of Australia.
Early 1968: Tony arrives in London and teams up with John Rowles and Nat Kipner who he had known from Spin Records in Australia. The U.K press proclaims that an AUSSIE INVASION is underway.
Mid 1968: Tony records a one off single, ‘Make Time Stand Still’ for Parlophone Records. It is written by Tony, John & Nat and recorded at Abbey Road with Mark Wirtz (of Teenage Opera fame) producing.
Mid 1969: Cliff Richard’s manager is impressed by Tony and arranges a recording contract with the Brian Epstein afliated label NEMS. Tony Summers now becomes HAYDEN WOOD,
Late 1969: Work starts on Hayden’s debut album at Abbey Rd, with a budget of $20,000 . Original material is sourced from some of the worlds most promising new songwriters of the time. This leads to Hayden recording 3 Elton John songs, 6-9 months before Elton. The London Symphony Orchestra and many of the U.K’s leading session musicians are booked for the sessions.
January 1970: The Elton John track ‘Sixty Years On’ is released as a single in advance of the album. Elton John is widely quoted as being “very impressed with the recording”. The general consensus among the industry is that ‘Sixty Years On’ has the potential to be a BIG hit.
January 1970: Disaster strikes!!! NEMS collapses in a heap of debt the day after the singles release. With none of the proposed promotion, ‘Sixty Years On’ quickly fades away and the finished album is shelved.
Mid 1970: A clandestine operation sees the albums master tapes sent to New Zealand where promoter Phil Warren brokers a distribution deal for a local release through CBS Records.
Early 1972: Impressed with Hayden’s treatment of Elton John’s songs, The Beatles and Elton John’s publisher, Dick James signs Hayden to his DJM sister label JAM. By this stage Hayden is working with 2 former members of Status Quo.
Early 1974: Hayden returns home and becomes a regular on the local David McPhail produced pop music TV series ‘Popco’. Hayden launches his own label ‘Cherokee’ and becomes the first local artist to start his own label.

The United States of Europe 79
The Greatest Discovery
Look Out Cleveland
All The love That I have
Sixty Years On (45 version)
Ballad Of A Well Known Gun
Take It Away
Cannons Plain
You'll Want To Stay
Mrs Richie
The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Choral Overture
Make Time Stand Still
The House Beside the Mine
The Lady Wants More
The Last One To Know
I Don't Want To Lose You
That's A Might Road
Star Restaurant
The Spirit of '68
Where Are We All Going To
Hand Me Down
It's Alright
I Can't See Nodoby
I'm On The Right Side

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