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Sneaky FeelingsThe Mercury Moment

The Mercury Moment (2020) is a potent exploration of extinction, redundancy and disappointed dreams as the four songwriters cast their attention on the current state of the world.
Over a songbook of twelve songs, Matthew Bannister, David Pine, Martin Durrant and John Kelcher ruminate on the “ludicrous hopes and bleak future” of humanity that is being avoided. As stark realities are shared, a nonchalant musical backdrop accompanies the songs with chilling indifference.

Since the band’s feature on the iconic Dunedin Double (1982), Sneaky Feelings have existed in a lane of their own design, adding a lush, harmony-infused ingredient to the sounds coming out of Dunedin throughout the 1 980s and onwards. Their majestic single ‘Husband House’ climbed to #16 on the NZ chart in 1985, solidifying itself in the cultural canon of New Zealand as a staple.
Sneaky Feelings’ previous album Progress Junction received wide praise from critics at home, including Sunday Star Time’s Jack Barlow who dubbed it “a vibrant and fresh offering from one of New Zealand’s finest” to William Dart (RNZ New Horizons) who referred to the album as “the unexpected renaissance of one of my favourite bands of all time.”

Heavenly Bodies
Sun Is Shining
Stardust Magical
Autumn Song
Silvercrest and Hilldale
Last Letter to Eugenie
Billy Wild
Accept/Except Me
The Mercury Moment
Better Plan

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