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Dallas FourComplete Recordings 1965-1969

November 2021 release from Frenzy Music with full colour 10 page insert booklet.
During their long career (1964-1972) The Dallas Four remained at the forefront of the Auckland club scene on the back of several long residencies (The Platterack, Monaco and Tabla) where crowds would stretch out the door and more often than not-around the corner.
While all of the other prominent local groups spent lengthy periods overseas, the Dallas Four remained the one constant in the local scene with their trademark four part harmonies and excellent musicianship. This Complete Collection assembles all of the groups singles along with their unreleased 1967 album and an unreleased single from 1965.

"In an age of outlandish pop gimmicks, shaggy hair and Liverpudlian beat, a group of Aucklanders have come up with one of the most novel ideas of all they set out to sing in tune." -John Berry,Auckland Star December,1964

1 Silence Is Golden
2 Louie Louie
3 Bells Of Rhymney
4 Thou Shalt Not Steal
5 Donít Worry Baby
6 That Manís Got No Luck
7 Iím So Lonely
8 Graduation Day
9 Running Round In Circles
10 (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet
11 Shame and Scandal
12 Hawaii
13 Runaway
14 Iím So Blue and Something Else To Do
15 Dancing In The Street
16 In My Car
17 Who Do You Think You Are
18 Make Every Minute Count
19 Land Of Milk And Honey
20 Tell It To The Rain
21 White Christmas
22 Toe-Hold
23 Rag Doll
24 Sitting In The Park
25 Hush
26 Crimson & Clover
27 Elenore
28 D.W Washburn
29 Sweet Inspiration
30 Stay (from the TV show Golden Girl) 1967

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