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Various ArtistsKiwi Pop Hits of the 70s vol 1

Many of the tracks appear on CD for the first time, including chart hits that have never been compiled.

Mike Harvey starts proceedings with his instrumental encapsulation of the mid 70s sound with 'Crusher' (first time on CD). Regarded by many as one of New Zealand's best vocalists a pre-Misex Steve Gilpin appears with the bouncy 'There's An Island' and the sweet pop ballad 'Spring'. Rob Guest appears on the brassy 'Living In A Dream World' as the lead singer in The Inbetweens from 1970 and bookends the 70s with his 1978 Top 20 hit 'Hangin' On' (first time on CD). The local tv shows of the 70s including Happen Inn, Popco and Sing made household names of Brent Brodie, Angela Ayers, Larry Small along with the aforementioned Steve Gilpin who all appear on CD for the first time.

Ten of the tracks were recorded in the UK including Peter Williams with Blue Mink, Hayden Wood with the London Symphony Orchestra, Dave Jordan with a little help from Lynsay De Paul plus Frankie Stevens, Shona Laing, Dennis O'Brien (with his hit version of 'Cara Mia') and Gaye Brown with a song specially written for her by Phillip Goodhand-Tait (writer of several of The Love Affairs biggest hits) with Black Sabbath producer Roger Bain at the controls. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Peter Nelson sings the theme from the mid 70s Bruce Lee film 'The Man From Hong Kong' and you would be excused for thinking it was Tom Jones.

1. Mike Harvey - Crusher
2. Rob Guest - Hangin' On
3. Craig Scott - Let's Get A Little Sentimental
4. John Hanlon - Apple Wine
5. The Inbetweens - Living In A Dream World
6. Dennis O'Brien - You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
7. Dave Jordan - Street Corner Music
8. Greg Christensen - Baby I Like It
9. Peter Williams - Give Me A Sign
10. Frankie Stevens - I'll Be Home In About A Day Or So
11. Larry Small - Love Is Alive (In My Heart)
12. Brent Brodie - Gypsy Boy
13. Larry Morris - It Is Written
14. Steve Gilpin - There's An Island
15. Shona Laing - Follow My Heart
16. Flying Wild - She's A Devil
17. Hayden Wood - Ballad Of A Well Known Gun
18. Dennis O'Brien - Cara Mia
19. Angela Ayers - I Am A Fantasy
20. Dave Jordan - Computer Data
21. Frankie Stevens - Sandy Sandy
22. Gaye Brown - Let A Little Love Come In
23. Steve Gilpin - Spring
24. Larry Morris - Smile
25. Peter Nelson - Power

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