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Various ArtistsNew Zealand @ 33 1/3rd

33 Tracks from 33 Iconic Kiwi Albums - Volume One The SIXTIES

Released May 19 2023, Classic Kiwi Album Tracks. Includes 6 page booklet

1 Lyn Barnett-Roller Coaster (From the album ‘Lyn’)
2 Peter Posa-Honey Bee (From ‘The White Rabbit’)
3 Freddie Keil & The Kavaliers-Love Potion #9
(From‘Swing Awhile With’)
4 The Embers-Murder She Said
(From ‘The Embers Dig Doug’)
5 Ray Columbus & The Invaders-Yes Indeed
(From ‘Everynite’)
6 The Merseymen-You’re Never Satisfied
(From ‘A Visit To The Beatle Inn’)
7 The Rayders-Everything’s Alright
(From ‘Platter-Rack Raid With The Rayders’)
8 Max Merritt & The Meteors-Without You
(From ‘Max Merritt & The Meteors’)
9 The Librettos-I’m Gonna Say Yeah
(From ‘Let’s Go With The Librettos’)
10 Ray Columbus & The Invaders-Now You Shake
(From ‘Original Numbers’)
11 Dinah Lee-Dream Lover
(From ‘The Mod World Of Dinah Lee’)
12 The Breakaways-All For One
(From ‘Let’s Take A Sea Cruise’)
13 The Keil Isles-One Way Ticket (To The Blues)
(From ‘Keils A Go Go’)
14 The La De Da’s-Jump Back (From ‘The La De Da’s’)
15 The Pleazers-Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
(From ‘Definately Pleazers’)
16 Mr. Lee Grant-Coal Man (From ‘Mr. Lee Grant’)
17 Sandy Edmonds-Like Everytime Before
(From ‘The Sound Of Sandy’)
18 Jay Epae-Tumblin’ Down
(From ‘Hold On Tight! It’s Jay Epae’)
19 Larry’s Rebels-Shakin’ Up Some Soul
(From ’A Study In Black’)
20 The La De Da’s-Thank You For The Flowers
(From ‘Find Us A Way’)
21 The Underdogs-Main Line Driver
(From ‘The Underdogs Blues Band’)
22 The Avengers-Summer Set Morning
(From ‘Electric Recording’)
23 Simple Image-Treat Her Like A Lady
(From ‘Spinning Spinning’)
24 The Fourmyula-Try Me (From ‘The Fourmyula’)
25 Allison Durbin-Yo Yo (From ‘I Have Loved Me A Man’)
26 The Hi-Revving Tongues-Conquistador
(From ‘Tropic Of Capricorn’)
27 The Rebels-Rhubarb (From ‘Madrigal’)
28 The Fourmyula-Bang On Harry
(From ‘Green ‘B’ Holiday’)
29 The Avengers-Fisherwoman (From ‘Medallion’)
30 Allison Durbin-Am I The Same Girl
(From ‘Soft & Soulful’)
31 Shane-Guess I’ll Have To Let You Go
(From ‘Rainy Day Man’)
32 The Dedikation-Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones(From ‘The Dedikation’)
33 The Fourmyula-Blessbury Road (From ‘Creation’)

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