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Lee ,DinahComplete Collection 3cd

Deluxe 3 cd set housed in pictured box. Booklet is a massive 38 pages filled with history and photos. Each cd is housed in it's own card sleeve.

For the first time - Dinah Lee has been mastered for cd release.
Previous Dinah Lee compilations (3 in the 1990s) have all sounded thin. Two new remastered compilations finally do justice to Dinah’s catalogue with their vibrancy and zest, while the corresponding booklets document Dinah’s story in detail.
Both compilations cover Dinah's full career, starting with ‘Don’t you know Yockomo’ from 1964 - through to 2016’s ‘Cathedral Square’.

DISC ONE: 1964-1965
1 Dinah intro
2 Don't You Know Yockomo?
3 Reet Petite
4 Do The Blue Beat
5 You Don't Talk About Love
6 Yeh Yeh We Love 'Em All
7 Kansas City
8 Who Stole The Sugar
9 Johnny
10 I'll Forgive You Then Forget You
11 Rock Around The Clock
12 Let Me In
13 What Did He Say
14 I'm Walkin'
15 Stay Awhile
16 Happy Blue Beat
17 I'm In Love Again
18 Say Mama
19 Nitty Gritty
20 Hallelujah I Love Him So
21 Rockin' Robin
22 The Birds And The Bees
23 He Can't Do The Blue Beat
24 Hey Chickie Baby
25 Medley (live)
26 Reet Petite (live)
27 Gaytime Ice Cream
28 Clings The Thing

DISC TWO: 1965-1967
1 I Can't Believe What You Say
2 Pushin' A Good Thing Too Far
3 That's It I Quit
4 He Don't Want Your Love Anymore
5 Don't You Just Know It
6 What Kind Of Love Is This
7 Twist And Shout
8 It's For You
9 Oh Boy
10 Long Way From St. Louis
11 Shout
12 Hot Spot
13 Is It True
14 The Right Time
15 Summertime
16 He's Sure The Boy I Love
17 Not In This Whole World
18 Chocolate Ice
19 These Boots Are Made For Walking
20 Try To Understand
21 Dream Lover
22 New Orleans
23 Tell Me Like It Is
24 98.6
25 Too Many People
26 Sorry Mama
27 I Keep Forgetting
28 Come On Down
29 That's It I Quit (live)
30 Don't You Know Yockomo (live)

DISC THREE; 1972-2016
1 Tell Him
2 You Are The One
3 It Doesn't Matter Any More
4 Midnight Blue
5 I Can See Clearly Now
6 Let It Take You
7 He's Got The Power
8 Islands
9 Johnny B Goode Tonight
10 Reet Petite
11 He's Too Young
12 Good Good Time
13 Do The Bluebeat
14 Don't You Know Yockomo
15 Cathedral Square
16 Cathedral Square (acoustic)

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