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Sneaky FeelingsPositively George Street

Out of print compilation in excellent condition

Sneaky Feelings recorded three albums and a handful of EPs and singles for Flying Nun after making their debut alongside the Chills, Verlaines and the Stones on the landmark Flying Nun release of 1982, the Dunedin Double EP. Some judicious re-mixing not to mention careful baking of the original crumbling analogue tapes has lifted a number of tracks out of the murk occasionally imposed by budget pressures on Flying Nun album sessions of the 1980s to give the compilation a fresher and lively sound.

1.Maybe You Need To Come Back
2.Hard Love
3.Levin Dream
5.Your Secret's Safe With Me
6.Dad And The Family Dog
7.Coming True
8.Walk To The Square
9.Letter To You
10.Trouble With Kay
11.All You've Done
13.Better Than Before
14.Husband House
15.The Strange And Conflicting Emotions Of Separation And Betrayal
16.Major Barbara
17.Throwing Stones
18.Strangers Again
19.PIT Song
20.Won't Change
21.Not To Take Sides
22.Cry You Out Of My Eyes

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