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Straitjacket FitsStraitjacket Fits (compilation)

Formed in 1986 by former Double Happys Shayne Carter and John Collie, and bassist David Wood. Andrew Brough, formerly of The Orange, joined soon after and added a foil in the form of pop sensibility to Carter's more raucous songwriting. Their debut EP Life In One Chord was released in 1987 to local acclaim -- warmly reviewed and spending 10 weeks in the Top 50.Straitjacket Fits left Dunedin's chilly but supportive environment to base themselves in Auckland in 1988. That year saw them record their first album, Hail, working for a second time with the engineering and production talents of former Chill, Terry Moore. Hail's ten songs included seven from Carter, two from Brough, and a cover of Leonard Cohen's "So Long Marianne" -- played in a way that managed to drag the song well into the Straitjackets sphere of things.'Melt' followed in 1990 and 'Blow' in 1993 along with multi album overseas record deals.They (sadly) called it a day in 1994.

Dialling A Prayer (from Life In One Chord)
Burn It Up (from Blow)
Headwind (from Melt)
She Speeds (from Life In One Chord)

Down In Splendour (from Melt)
Let It Blow (from Blow)
If I Were You (from Blow)
Missing Presumed Drowned (from Melt)
Roller Ride (from Melt)
Sparkle That Shines (from Life In One Chord)
Bad Note For A Heart (from Melt)
Done (from Done)
APS (from Melt)
Cat Inna Can (from Blow)
Life In One Chord (from Hail)
Cast Stone (from Melt)

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