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Able TasmansSongs from the Departure Lounge

Out of print used title. Booklet VG+ ,disc has some light marking, still very good condition

Best of,released 2000 FNCD 404.

For over a decade, the Able Tasmans were one of the most-loved New Zealand bands around. While that love never translated into the commercial success sometimes associated with this level of adoration, their fans knew why they made music and responded accordingly. Able Tasmans fans will be delighted with Songs From The Departure Lounge - a generous 20 track selection that picks out the best of their Flying Nun recordings with a couple of never-heard-before rarities thrown in for good measure.This album is a ticket to the Ables' world of baroque-and-roll adorned with rich melodies and huge, warm arrangements. It features some great songs - tracks like "What Was That Thing", "Hold Me 1", "Shape Of Dolls", as well as "Michael Fay" - alongside those selected by the band as their more modest but highly significant musical achievements from the four albums, two EPs and a single they released.
An excellent career spanning overview.

01 What Was That Thing?
02 Sour Queen
03 Buffalos
04 Michaels
05 Hold Me
06 Grey Lynn
07 Dileen
08 Michael Fay
09 Angry Martyr
10 The Theory of Continual Disappointment
11 Fault in the Frog
12 The Cliff
13 School is no good for you
14 Not fair
15 Coming up for air
16 The shape of dolls
17 That's why
18 Dog Whelk
19 Mary Tyler Moore
20 My name is Peter Keen

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