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Scavengers ,theThe Scavengers.

Scarce out of print cd from early NZ Punks

Formed in 1977 playing mainly Iggy ,Kiss ,New York Dolls etc before moving on to write their own material.Responsible for at least 2 classic tracks in the form of Mysterex ( 2 versions on this cd)and True Love. Cd has snippets of dialogue between tracks which are taken from a 1978 documentary on the Punk Rock Phenomenom in New Zealand which makes for interesting and amusing listening.

Trivia note: Bassist Ronnie Recent is actually Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance.

Johnny Volume (guitar, vocals)
Des Truction (drums, vocals)
Ronnie Recent (bass, vocals)

1. Mysterex
2. Born To Bullshit
3. True Love
4. Twentyone
5. Brick In the Wall
6. Money In the Bank
7. Routine
8. Supported By the State
9. Violence
10. Mysterex

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