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Various ArtistsPie Cart Rock'n'Roll

Out of print title in excellent condition

This compilation should be a welcome release to anyone who likes good music, a NZ music completist, or any fan of early rock and roll. Over 25 garage bands are featured, with recordings made using a couple of mics, or maybe just one, and a reel-to-reel. These were then released on NZ labels like Zodiac, Tanza, Viking or overseas ones like HMV. The re-mastering gives them a fighting chance so you can hear a great representation of what was going on in the halls and milkbars. Cool pictures, cool sleeve notes, cool CD.

1.Johnny Cooper - Pie Cart Rock and Roll
2.Peter Lewis and the Trisonic - Four City Rock
3.Max Merritt and the Meteors - Get a Haircut
4.Clyde Scott and the Zanyopolis - Gravediggers Rock
5.Glyn Tucker with Ian Lowe and the Tornadoes - I'm in Love
6.Bobby Davis and the Dazzlers - Abel Mabel
7.Morgan Clarke with Benny's Five - Haka Boogie
8.Ron Maxman and the Martians - Kool and Krazy
9.Red Hewitt and the Buccaneers - DJ Blues
10.The Bob Paris Combo - Dragstrip
11.Eddie Howell with the Rockabyes - I'm a Man
12.Max Merritt and the Meteors - Kiss Curl
13.Carol Davies with the Halos - Little Bit
14.The Howard Morrison Quartet - Gum Drop
15.Sam Mataparae with the Rocking Rockers - Rocking Rockers Theme Song
16.The Hulawaians - Hawaiian Rock'n'Roll
17.Clyde Scott and the Clansmen - Bluebird
18.Johnny Devlin and the Devils - Nervous Wreck
19.Gary Stewart and the Coronets with Ian Lowe and his Esquires - Street Corner
20.Teddy Bennett - The Life I Live
21.Ronnie Sundin - Teenage Beat
22.The Keil Isles - Say Mama
23.Glyn Tucker with Ian Lowe and the Tornadoes - Carol
24.Eddie Howell with the Rockabyes - Save my soul
25.Teddy and the Bears - Pipeliner
26.Lew Pryme and the Rockateers - Talahassee Lassie
27.Rod Derrett - Teddy Boys Picnic
28.The Zodiacs - Be Bop a Lula

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