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Various ArtistsZodiac Records Sampler 1964-1972

This superb compilation starts from the beat boom of Ray Columbus & The Invaders & The Merseymen and ends with acid tinged psych and prog rock of the likes of The Hi-Revving Tongues and Space Farm, respectively. All tracks are from the original mastertapes. Thirty one tracks, featuring tracks from all six previous CD releases from the Zodiac label releases on Ascension by The La De Da's, The Pleazers, Ray Columbus & The Invaders, The Underdogs, The Hi-Revving Tongues & Space Farm, along with tracks seeing their first release on CD by The Merseymen, Soul Agents, The Layabouts, The Gremlins, The La De Da's, The Troubled Mind and Sandy Edmonds backed by the Pleazers. Almost 80 minutes long, nine tracks on CD for the first time .

1. On Top Of The World - La De Da's
2. How Is The Air Up There? - La De Da's
3. Too Many Fish In The Sea - La De Da's
4. Bright Lights, Big City - La De Da's
5. Other Love - La De Da's
6. Baby Jane - Pleazers
7. I'm Movin' On - Pleazers
8. Don't Gimme No Lip Child - Pleazers
9. Hurtin' All Over - Pleazers
10. On My Mind - Ray Columbus And The Invaders
11. She's Gone - Ray Columbus And The Invaders
12. We Can't Go Wrong - Ray Columbus And The Invaders
13. Till We Kissed - Ray Columbus And The Invaders
14. She's A Mod - Ray Columbus And The Invaders
15. Come See Me - Sandy Edmonds
16. Talkin' 'Bout You - Merseymen
17. For My Woman - Soul Agents
18. If You & I Could Just Be - Soul Agents
19. I Don't Care - Layabouts
20. Listen To Me - Gremlins
21. Under My Thumb - The Troubled Mind
22. Child - The Troubled Mind
23. See Saw - Underdogs
24. Looking Back - Underdogs
25. Sitting In The Rain - Underdogs
26. There Will Come A Time - Underdogs
27. Elevator - Hi-Revving Tongues
28. Tropic Of Capricorn - Hi-Revving Tongues
29. Rain & Tears - Hi-Revving Tongues
30. Space Farm - Space Farm
31. On The Loose - Space Farm

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