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Avengers ,theElectric Recording + Medallion

Out of print compilation comprising the Electric Recording album (except Love is Blue) + Medallion album (both issued 1968) + bonus tracks.

Insert in excellent ,near mint condition, disc has minor light marking.

The Avengers began in 1966 in Wellington as the protégés of local promoter Ken Cooper. He found guitarist Dave Brown, added organist/guitarist Clive Cockburn, auditioned to obtain bass player Eddie McDonald and rounded out the Avengers with drummer Ian “Hank” Davis from Napier.The group name was the result of a Sunday Times competition. The first hit was ‘Everyone’s Gonna Wonder’ followed by ‘Days of Pearly Spencer’, but the track ‘Love Hate Revenge’ provides the best memories and was probably the pinnacle of their achievements in their four year existence.They toured with numerous “packages”, made regular appearances on television and won a number of awards, following all this up with two Australian tours and a total of three albums. It all seems to have ended as suddenly as it began and apart from Cockburn’s television production career their present whereabouts are unknown.

Track Listing:
Electric Recording (1-11)

1. Everyone’s Gonna Wonder
2. Morning Dew
3. What Price Love
4. Summer Set Morning
5. Flower Girl
6. Only Once In my Lifetime
7. Night Time
8. Water Pipe
9. Rosie
10. Take My Hand
11. 1941

Medallion (12 - 23)
12. Love Hate Revenge
13. Fisherwoman
14. Midnight Visitation
15. You Better Come Home
16. Night In the City
17. Days Of The Pearly Spencer
18. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
19. You Don’t Understand
20. Only Last Year -
21. Sunshine Lady
22. Sally
23. September Winds

24. Daniel The Postman (B side)
25. Hush (live 1968)
26. Xmas Fan Club Message

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