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Brunettes ,theHolding Hands, Feeding Ducks

It all began on 90-Mile Beach where Jonathan and Heather developed a common vision – to form the greatest bubblegum pop’n’roll band ever and follow the summer till the end of time…The Brunette's give us a run down track by track of the songs on the album:
Moon in June a warning to innocent folk mesmerised by the headlights of love who may about to be road kill.
Cupid a celebration of that drunken moment when you discover that the feeling is mutual.
Holding Hands I'm sure a thirty page essay could be written on the many layers of this one, but is probably best summed up wit its timeless lyric "lala lala lala oo woh woh woh, wooohh".
Talk to Jesus a story about two kids with different pasts.... different homes... different lives... lost in a world full of hate, famine and social disease, both are thrown together and discover that share a passion for stone wash denim.
Dance Floor this one is a real toe tapper, bound to have you bouncing off the walls of your bedroom.
Summer love reinventing one's self on a holiday would be a fun thing to do, I could be a UN peace keeper on route to some where dangerous.
Super 8 some one oughta make a tv movie about Adam West, the Brunettes have made lotsa movies on super 8, its a super format.
Jukebox our favourite comic books are "eightball", Gilbert Hernandez's "love and rockets", "optic nerve" and "peepshow". Minigolf isn't my favourite game but it's ok.
Mafioso the withering of innocence, the uglyness of peer pressure, the lure of sex and the smell of vinyl.
End of the runway the Brunettes meets the Buena vista social club, meets buddy holly, meets the carpenters, meets jonathan richman, meets "So Retro", meets "NZ's answer to..... ", meets "last item on nightline", meets pokemon.
Art, what is art, is art, what is art???
Cotton Candy some people have very relaxed attitudes towards displays of affection and relationships and end up hurting others because of it, remember hearts aren't very bouncy.
Tell Her a beautiful ballad.

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