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Finn ,NeilRain Soundtrack

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Who better to craft a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack complete with finely crafted pop brilliance than Neil Finn.Along with collaborators Edmund McWilliams, Lisa Germano, Human Instinct and Liam Finn, the group have devised a collection of spectacular songs and instrumental pieces that have left audiences moved. Determined to secure Neil Finn to write music for her film all along,director Christine Jeffs is ecstatic with the result. She, like most audience members is stunned at the moving songs he has crafted and is happy to admit that she is ‘in love’ with the soundtrack.

1. You Don't Know -Neil Finn (02:55)
2. Summer Intro -Edmund McWilliams (01:39)
3. Summer of Love -Neil Finn & Edmund McWilliams (02:52)
4. Mum in Bed -Neil Finn(00:57)
5. Orange And Blue -Neil Finn (02:29)
6. Red Room -Neil Finn (03:05)
7. Cry Wolf -Lisa Germano (04:57)
8. The Affair -Neil Finn (03:41)
9. Black Sally -Human Instinct (06:35)
10. Boat Dawn -Neil Finn (01:17)
11. Boat Joyride -Neil Finn (01:01)
12. Kids Floating -Neil Finn (01:09)
13. Batman -Neil Finn (01:59)
14. Shower -Neil Finn (01:35)
15. Phantom Love -Lisa Germano (03:22)
16. Drive Home -Neil Finn & Edmund McWilliams (05:39)
17. Lucid Dream -Liam Finn (04:17)

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