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Gremlins ,theBlast Off 1965-1968

Out of print , secondhand item.

The Gremlins story is a simple tale of five likeable lads led by Glyn Tucker who made some great music together during the business end of the sixties 1965 - 1968. The Gremlins broke up in Jan 69, leaving us with this eclectic gathering of groovy goodies-their entire recorded output.

Track Listing:
1. Donít Ya
2. But Sheís Gone
3. The Coming Generation
4. Thatís What I Want
5. Itís Easy To Say
6. Oh My Word
7. A Manís Gotta Be A Man
8. The Only Thing On My Mind
9. Understand Our Age
10. Ainít That Loviní You Baby
11. You Gotta Believe It
12. I Canít Say
13. Blast-Off 1970
14. Sunday Breeze
15. Never You Mind
16. I Want Your Love
17. Ballad Of A Busker
18. Listen To Me
19. Great Drain Robbery #1
20. Great Drain Robbery #2
21. Kingsforth Hemmingseen
22. Donít Just Stand There

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