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Dance ExponentsExpectations

Includes the recorded versions of many of the live favourites, such as ‘Christchurch (In Cashel Street I Wait)’, ‘Only I Could Die’, and ‘Greater Hopes and Greater Expectations’.
PLUS- three bonus tracks: ‘All I Can Do’, ‘The Empty Bunk In The Bunkhouse’ (yeeha) and ‘Sex And Agriculture’.

1.These Ocean's Wave & Tide Us In
2.Christchurch (In Cashel St. I Wait)
3.Raining, Running Through The Rain Forest
4.Prayers Be Answered
5.Ashened Ashened Autumn Leaves
6.Only I Could Die (And Love You Still)
7.Weeping Soul
8.Losing The Sun, The Moon And You
9.My Love For You
10.Skies Of Sunset
11.Greater Hopes, Greater Expectations
12.All I Can Do (Bonus Track)
13.The Empty Bunk In The Bunk House (Bonus Track)
14.Sex & Agriculture (Bonus Track)

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