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Bailter SpaceBailter Space ( best of )

2004 issued retrospective.
Legendary New Zealand art noise artistes Bailterspace initially recorded together as the Gordons in 1980.

In 1987 Nelsh Bailter Space was formed ,morphing into the original Gordons lineup for their 1989 release Thermos.
After several releases on Flying Nun, and after changing base several times between New Zealand, Germany, and the US, New York City indie label Matador Records signed them for release in the United States, in approximately 1990.

Pitchfork Media described them in 1999 as "a huge mess of sound that's simultaneously beautiful, jagged, atonal, and supremely melodic"

If sounding unique has allowed Bailterspace to stay on top of their game for so long, it has also made it hard to box them conveniently into any fashionable flavour of musical genre. But far from acting like perennial outsiders, Bailterspace have constantly evolved through the musical maelstrom of their own making. Their shimmering rock combined with astute sonic texturing is a great formula that has won them accolades and fans the world over.

And after six albums of imaginary spaceworlds carved from harmonic volume, Bailterspace come across a lot more human, a lot more rocking, and no less brilliant or powerful than ever on the new Flying Nun collection BAILTERSPACE. They remain one of the most vital bands of our time. Discovery of a previously unreleased version of Wammo album track At 5 We Drive, as well as the willingness of the band to include a rare track, GlimmerDot (originally released on split 45 7" by US label Amphetamine Reptile Records) saw the solidifying of the tracklisting for BAILTERSPACE.

1. X
2. Pass It Up
3. Splat
4. Shine
5. DarkBlue
6. Colors
7. Robot World
8. GlimmerDot
9. Capsul
10. Grader Spader
11. SoLa
12. Tanker
13. At 5
14. Shadow
15. Skin
16. the Aim
17. Argonaut
18. The Today Song

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