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Various ArtistsPop Eyed

First released in 1996 - and now remastered! Hot damn, check out that bumper tracklisting, 19 songs from Flying Nun's roster in the late nineties. Good enough to bug out to at any time!

Cat# FNCD395
3Ds - Dust
Superette - Touch Me
Bailter Space - Splat
Headless Chickens - George
Bike - Save My Life
The Clean - Too Much Violence
Garageland - Fingerpops
Loves Ugly Children - Suck
King Loser - '76 Comeback
Chris Knox - Half Man/Half Mole
The Bats - Afternoon In Bed
Martin Phillipps And The Chills - Come Home
David Kilgour - Beached
Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates
Bressa Creeting Cake - Rocky Mountain
Chug - Strangleknot
Dimmer - Crystalator
Solid Gold Hell - Country Sow
High Dependency Unit - Activation

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