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When The Cat's AwayLive in Paradise

At the Listener Film and Television Awards When The Cat’s Away were named as entertainers of the year in 1988 & group of the year in 1989. They also had a gold single with No 1 hit Melting Pot in 1989. In 2001 the group of Annie Crummer, Debbie Harwood, Kim Willoughby and Margaret Urlich reformed for a reunion tour with special guest, Sharon O’Neill.

The "Cats" with Sharon O'Neill had crowds of over 25,000 turning out to see them play as they toured the country for a month.

1 Game of Love (Lead vocals - Cats)
2 Yesterday was just the beginning of my life (Kim Willoughby)
3 Room That Echoes (Margaret Urlich)
4 Anyone who had a heart (Debbie Harwood)
5 Escaping (Margaret Urlich)
6 Southern moonlight (Kim Willoughby)
7 What's the time Mr Wolf? (Annie Crummer)
8 Asian Paradise (All)
9 Words (Sharon O’Neill)
10 Maxine (Sharon O’Neill)
11 Danced in the fire (Sharon O’Neill)
12 I hope I never (Annie Crummer)
13 Lady Marmalade (Lead vocals - Cats)
14 It's raining men (Lead vocals - Cats)
15 Melting pot (All)
16 Blue lady(Debbie Harwood)

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