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Dagg ,FredAnthology

Released 1998 and now out of print. Contains all the hits from comedian/satirist John Clarke and his alter-ego Fred Dagg.Big hits in the seventies included "We Don't Know How Lucky We Are" and "Gumboots" . He also appeared in movies such as Footrot Flats in 1986.
John Clarke moved to Australia in the seventies and has established himself as a successful writer and performer.

21st Speech
We Don't Know How Lucky We Are
Solar Energy
The Phone Call
Flea Race
Parliamentary Broadcast
Real Estate
The Meaning Of Life
Farnarkeling (I)
Farnarkeling (ii)
Farnarkeling (iii)
Farnarkeling (iv)
Farnarkeling (v)
Farnarkeling (vi)
Protecting the Environment
The Front Fell Off
Announcement Of All Black Team, rec.1995
Leader Of The Liberal Party. Alexander Downer
Can't Recall.Alan Bond
Pacific Tests. Jack Chiraq
A Retrospective. Alan Bond
It's Yours. Christopher Skase
Star Of Wonder

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