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Dobbyn ,DaveTwist

Out of print item in good used condition ,minor wear only.

When Dave Dobbyn returned to New Zealand in early 1994 the signs were very auspicious... Crowded House frontman Neil Finn had already moved back from Australia, a new studio had opened up (Revolver) and Dobbyn had freed himself of a number of shackles in Australia. Put that all together - plus Dobbyn being invigorated again by the company and his homeland - and a great record was in the making. Until the release of Twist, few could have guessed how great.In Neil Finn, singer-songwriter and exceptional guitarist - Dobbyn has found his producer at last, one prepared to take advantage of the risks the project allowed. And with musicians drawn from a sympathetic community - Tim Finn adding vocals, Ross Burge and Alan Gregg of the Mutton Birds providing the rhythm section - Twist has brought out an energy depth in Dobbyn's music.

The Lap of the Gods
Naked Flame
It Dawned On Me
What Do You Really Want?
Rain On Fire
I Can't Change My Name

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