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Dobbyn ,DaveTwist

When Dave Dobbyn returned to New Zealand in early 1994 the signs were very auspicious... Crowded House frontman Neil Finn had already moved back from Australia, a new studio had opened up (Revolver) and Dobbyn had freed himself of a number of shackles in Australia. Put that all together - plus Dobbyn being invigorated again by the company and his homeland - and a great record was in the making. Until the release of Twist, few could have guessed how great.In Neil Finn, singer-songwriter and exceptional guitarist - Dobbyn has found his producer at last, one prepared to take advantage of the risks the project allowed. And with musicians drawn from a sympathetic community - Tim Finn adding vocals, Ross Burge and Alan Gregg of the Mutton Birds providing the rhythm section - Twist has brought out an energy depth in Dobbyn's music.

The Lap of the Gods
Naked Flame
It Dawned On Me
What Do You Really Want?
Rain On Fire
I Can't Change My Name

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