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Toy LoveCuts

Used item in excellent condition

Out of print 2005 released all-encompassing 2CD audio collection of Toy Love songs, entitled 'Cuts'.

Toy Love evolved from Punk band the Enemy and were active from 1978 -1980 ,releasing one acclaimed self titled album before dissolving. Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate continued as low-fi legends Tall Dwarfs.
Disc 1 contains the first two singles, the entire Toy Love album and the b-sides from the third single. The second disc is just as packed; with the bulk of this material being previously unreleased tracks recorded in demo format, this disc is a magic collection of material recovered from the vaults.'Cuts' also includes a 32page booklet full of photos, lyrics, gig posters and personal recollections from the band and their associates. All the tracks have been digitally remastered for issue on compact disc for the first time ever.
"My job was to sing. Up there, stranded without an instrument to hide behind, I woulda got dead bored (dead) without a great band around me. They were great. I was lucky." - CHRIS KNOX 2005
"The first time I heard the Toy Love album I was stunned by the sheer quality and consistency of the songs. A disc jockey gets a hell of a lot of dross across his desk, or maybe a song or three on an album, but here came excellent songs, one after another...Not a dud among 'em. Sure, you could pick up a reference or two but the quotes were acknowledged. There was no attempt to pull the wool. So it is being released. More power to you." - BARRY JENKIN 2005

"It's taken 25 years to get Toy Love on CD. Don't take 25 years to buy it." - Chris Knox

NZ Release - April 25th 2005

Chris Knox - vocals
Alec Bathgate - guitar
Jane Walker - keyboards
Paul Kean - bass guitar
Mike Dooley - drums

01: Squeeze
02: Rebel
03: Don't Ask Me
04: Sheep
05: I Don't Mind
06: Swimming Pool
07: Death Rehearsal
08: Bride of Frankenstein
09: Toy Love Song
10: Photographs of Naked Ladies
11: Bedroom
12: The Crunch
13: Ain't it Nice
14: Cold Meat
15: Don't Catch Fire
16: Green Walls
17: Pull Down the Shades
18: Frogs
19: Fast Ostrich
20: Amputee Song
21: Good Old Joe

(all tracks previously unreleased, except #1, #7, #18)
01: Squeeze
02: Sheep
03: I Don't Mind
04: Swimming Pool
05: Death Rehearsal
06: Unscrewed Up
07: Toy Love Song
08: Photographs of Naked Ladies
09: Lust
10: I'm Not Bored
11: 1978
12: 15
13: Cold Meat
14: Wanna Die With You
15: Don't Catch Fire
16: Green Walls
17: Pull Down the Shades
18: Frogs
19: Fast Ostrich

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