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Tokey TonesCaterpillar

 The Tokey Tones' 'Caterpillar & Butterfly' is the first set in series of albums that have been planned by Auckland Songwriter/Engineer/Producer, Scott Mannion. Confusingly, and to the frustration of Lil Chief, each album will be recorded under a different band name, though all will be labelled as 'Plasticene Recording Projects.'  The concept behind Caterpillar/Butterfly is loose, but basically Caterpillar is more laid-back, organic, reflective, and less produced, whereas Butterfly tends to be more upbeat, poppy, and full. Each CD runs for about 30mins, which Mannion attributes to his short attention span, and the fact that the records he enjoys most hail from an era when that length was standard. While Caterpillar/Butterfly is primarily Mannion's baby, there was a fair bit of collaboration. Hu shares a few writing credits, while most of the ex-members of Polaar had something to contribute. The help of friends and label-mates Jonathan and Heather of the Brunettes was invaluable, as is obvious in Heather's (uncredited!) duet with Scott, 'Love Done Me No Good'.

1. Caterpillars and Butterflies
2. Bedroom Exotica
3. Je N'aime Pas
4. Love Done Me No Good
5. Angela
6. Her Tuba Swells Beneath Her
7. The Beach
8. Twice Is Nice
9. Pulling Those Strings
10. Slippers and Sleep

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