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Brunettes ,theMars Loves Venus

Coy, cute, cutie-pie, hoochie-pie, coochie-woo, woochie-candy-poo.These are, more or less, all terms that New Zealand band the Brunettes have been denying and simultaneously inviting their entire career. Formed in Auckland, 1998 by musical couple Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield, they were a paradox from the beginning, creating sweet teenage music in thrall with Blondie, the Velvet Underground and the Shangri-Las but created in a Auckland scene of opiate-infused garage rock nroll. They reveled in their isolation, trawled the op-shops, listened to crackly 45s and imagined they were somewhere else, some-when else.

1. Mars Loves Venus
2. Loopy Loopy Love
3. Polyester Meets Acetate
4. Too Big For Gidget
5. Whale In The Sand
6. You Beautiful Militant
7. The Record Store
8. These Things Take Time
9. Best Friend Envy
10. No Regrets
11. Leonard Says
12. Your Heart Dies

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