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CloudboyDown at the end of the garden

Cloudboy originated as a side project of now-defunct Dunedin electro-pop artists Mink, and recorded a mini-album centered around eponymous title track 'Cloudboy', presenting a more intimate, minimalist side of singer Demarnia's talent.A few singles were released in the following years, namely picture disc 'Little Prince' and the Flying Nun 'Pet'. The follow-up album was concocted between 1997 and 2001; the band decided to record and produce completely autonomously and wouldn't accept any time/space limits. They've been indulging their every production wish and, finally, the album was finished in early 2001 to everyone's utter satisfaction.In the last couple of years, cloudboy have branched out to play outside the usual live pop/rock/dance music venues. Their live soundtrack performance accompanying the archival films of silent NZ film programme "shape of the land" was set in cinemas, art galleries and theatres... another pinnacle of their very select performance history was their album-release tour featuring not only a jazz rhythm section, violins and flute, but also a chorus of three backing singers, masked and costumed, as well as projected video backdrops including new zealand film archive footage.

2.Red Rubicon
3.Cup Of Roses
4.Tae K (Playground Mix)
5.(You're So) Pretty
9.Walk Along (Promenade)
12.The Play
13.(Brimea) Pretty
14.This Long Underwater
15.No Room Between

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