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Unity PacificFrom street to sky

 One of the founding fathers of New Zealand reggae and a member of the legendary 12 Tribes of Israel, Tigi Ness has had a long and distinguished career as a reggae musician & Rastafarian .With the Unity Pacific band he finally issued his debut album in 2003.
  "This is a very special debut album from a man whose musical history goes back a good 30 years. From opening track Are You Strong, through to the moving finale From Street To Sky, the musicianship of the Unity Pacific band is an apt vehicle for Tigi Ness' poetic voice. His knack for melody means it is little surprise to learn that his son is that current gem of NZ music Che Fu. 'From Street to Sky' is politically charged. With songs like Red Squad and Time Is Running Out, written in decades past, now being heard in a time when the ghettos he references have appeared, far from the inner city. His words still ring appropriately. The hymn-like Thou We Are fits appropriately in the repertoire of a man with very strong Rastafarian beliefs. Somewhere between roots-reggae and Herbs-style Pacific reggae, this is well played and solidly produced by Nic Manders at Revolver Studios. This could easily slip under your radar, don't let it."-Emma Philpott,NZ Musician Magazine

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