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Sheehan ,RhianTiny Blue Biosphere

 With the follow up to his critically acclaimed ‘Paradigm Shift’ album, Rhian returns with ‘Tiny Blue Biosphere’. ‘Tiny Blue Biosphere’ is nothing short of an expansion on what Rhian has already delivered, extending himself to a sixteen piece string section, collaborating with the likes of Gramsci and Anika Moa, and creating two vocal tracks with Jess Chambers, recently heard on The Upbeats album, and destined for even greater things. Her tracks ‘Hiding Place’ and ‘Sunshine’ mark two of the central moments on “Tiny Blue Biosphere”.Once again, as he did on “Paradigm Shift” Rhian blends the acoustic with the electronic to create a rich musical journey, except this time his vision has expanded, and the music is far more assured, able to create broad emotive sweeps of real strings, to marshal a world of sound from both machines and acoustic instruments, and create a unique sense of his own musical geography. Then come fragments of location recordings, the birds and a stream in ‘Phobos’, anchoring the lush landscape of ‘Tiny Blue Biosphere’ in a place we can all recognise.

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