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Nomad ,theQuinessence

The Nomad, aka Daimon Schwalger, is no stranger to New Zealanders that know anything about original Electronica.  The Nomad has been around since the late 80's, djing mainly hip-hop and old school beats, in any venue that had a set of speakers!  The Nomad’s first album, 'Movement', was released in 1998 and co-produced by Tiki from Salmonella Dub.
 2005 sees the release of Quinessence ,his fifth full-length album. The new album found its inspiration in Europe during The Nomad’s most recent tour in December 2004. Stimulated by his experience Daimon set about completing his most exciting musical project to date. The end result is a fusion of his trademark hip hop/dub/reggae/electronica sound alongside some distinctly international flavours. “Quinessence is the product of many years of tinkering and tweaking beats in the studio. A recent injection of inspiration really put the soul inside the music.” The Nomad has collaborated with an array of local talent, handpicked to compliment each track. Singers and players featured on the album include British-born vocalist Pepsi of Wham fame, Tehi Mana  (Fat Freddy’s Drop), Imon Star (Rhombus, Olmecha Supreme), Rio (Trinity Roots, Scribes of Ra), Mark Tyler (Salmonella Dub), MC Kyla (GND), Hamocane from Samoa, and O.G., to name a few. 

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